Building reliable Networks with a focus on quality, value, and superior customer service!



NetMinds looks at several key factors, first is future growth of a network. Second, redundancy, which means making sure that fail safes are in place and connectivity is maintained. Third, the most important is how well does the network perform, and does it meet the needs of the client.


A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. NetMinds will lay the foundation for your new businesses cabling needs, and improve, or add to pre-existing businesses. Our technicians are well versed in CAT5/5e/6, single mode/multimode fiber optic cabling, and COAX.


We will support any network that we develop, and take on a majority of small to medium sized pre-existing networks, through our MSA (Monthly Service agreement). Our MSA allows our customer to receive a guaranteed amount of hourly support per month at a discounted rate.


A secured network is vital for any business in today’s Information Age. We will secure your network with the latest firewalls, and security procedures to ensure that your network data is safe. We also offer a free security evaluation of pre-existing networks, and will develop a more secure plan for those networks.


NetMinds will ensure when your business decides to add a new service, the transition will be smooth and seamless. NetMinds will also offer additional help with WAN design, in conjunction with the service provider.


Network Design:

CablE + Infrastructure:

Network SUPPORT:

Network Security:

Service Provider Cutover:




NetMinds offers a wide range of power solutions based on our customer’s needs including Telco Decommissioning, Field Equipment Maintenance, Smart Hands, Fiber Optic Cable Splicing, Emergency Response



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was established in 1996 to protect individual’s medical records, and other personal health information. This applies to healthcare clearinghouses, and those healthcare providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically. NetMinds will secure you data in compliance with HIPPA, failure to be HIPPA compliant may result in lawsuits, and substantial fines.



This is for customers on the go who need access to resources at a centralized site. Remote Access allows you to securely connect through VPN, and access your important information.



NetMinds can aid in upgrading and reconfiguring your network, Wi-Fi services include 802.11n/a/b/g/ac, RF Spectrum Analysis, Professional Custom Reports, Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Site Surveys, Design and Deployment.


ip - pbx


IP-PBX Phone Systems also known as Private Branch Exchange is a phone system that resides on the customer's premises. In house PBX give you complete control over all your voice features. No need to change phone carriers, and ownership of equipment reduces long term costs.



Cloud VoIP is a WEB based cloud system, which saves the customer money by providing the IP PBX system through the internet. This service is the cheapest for the customer, and comes with many of the same features that a traditional IP-PBX offers. The main benefits of our Cloud VoIP compared to other phone systems is mobility; if your internet goes down calls will be seamlessly routed to your cellphone, without interruption to your business. This service alleviates stress of customers having to manage an onsite PBX.